Sunday, May 1, 2011

Wall Climbing at Stone Summit

Woke up around 8:30 this morning. Oh, man! It’s so early. But couldn’t sleep anymore. So, here I am, blogging :)

My fingers, my arms, my shoulders , and my “six pack” are so sour. And, my arms are swollen. Not that much, but I can feel it. Went to wall climbing with my friend yesterday at Stone Summit. It was a lot fun. Everything looks so easy for him. He is tall with long arms and long legs. I am……. Well, I don’t wanna talk about it J He hurt his finger. I wish everything is ok now. But, I had a lot of fun. Thank you, AR.

Stone Summit is the Disney World of climbing. They are both cheap imitations of the real thing, but no one can deny their appeal. At only 12 bucks a person, I recommend that anyone in the Southeast make at least one trip to see this thing. This place isn't big. It is not even huge. It is massive. Stone Summit features a route that requires a 70 meter rope. Not only does the main wall top 60 feet at its highest point, but there is a second story above the lobby featuring multiple 30 foot walls.

Wall climbing, why do I like wall climbing? First of all, I recently got a lot of free time in my hands. Second of all, I need to work out. The last but the most important one is that wall climbing is very goal oriented. I want to keep myself positive and happy J


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