Friday, May 27, 2011

Being Single on the Road

There are times when you may find yourself alone with a lot of time on your hand. Therefore, some unwanted thoughts will begin to surface. I have been seriously sick for two days now. My throat has been hurting to the point that I have a hard time swallowing food. My head has been aching to the point that I cannot drive or even walk normally. Got 105 f body temperature…. And nothing to eat at home besides ice cream.

Although I have always been known as a self-reliant individual among my friends, I wish there is someone to take care of me now. An example as to why they may see me that way is how I turn down my friend Amy’s offers to drive me to the doctor’s; instead, I chose to take a cab to the doctor's, the pharmacy and the grocery store. It’s not because I didn’t appreciate my friend’s generosity, but because I prefer not to inconvenient my friends. Ultimately, I would rather create and share moments of happiness with the people around me.

Besides sharing the times of joy with friends, do we really need someone to share our live? My answer is yes. It’s part of human nature to yearn for companionship. We seek to give love and to receive love. When you have been in a relationship for a while, there is a level of comfort that you find you cannot do without when the relationship falls apart. A sense of loneliness and emptiness may consume your hear.

It's perfectly normal of being single and feeling helpless sometime. If we can learn from our mistakes, and move on, our next stop will be more beautiful then expected. But between the two stops, we have to be on the road alone for a while. We need to know who we really are before we know what we really want. When we were alone on the road, we need to learn how to take care of ourselves. We need to love ourselves before being loved by the right person.

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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Black and White -- Butterfly next to the flames

People have different definitions for fashion and beauty. Different tastes cause different styles and different effect of photos. Some people like colorful pictures, I like black and white. I was told me that I am complicate. I think I am straight forward, at least to people that I really care about.  Everyone loves beautiful things, like bees nest to the flowers. It’s always fun seeing the evolution between what I see in my head and what comes out of my camera. I agree, sometimes the best shots are not necessarily what I envision beforehand though. I love black and white photos, like butterflies next to flames.
Genlux Swim 3
Genlux Swim 6Genlux Swim 8Genlux Swim 9
Genlux Swim 1
Genlux Swim 2Genlux Swim 4Genlux Swim 5
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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

2011 Short Curly Hairstyle for Men

Most men choose not to wear many accessories, like earrings and necklace. Hair and beard are the nature accessories for men. Hairstyle for men is as important as for women.  I would highly suggest men to try different hairstyles, long, short and medium length. If you don’t try, you cannot really say which style fits you the best or which one you like the best. Let’s touch base on short and curly/wavy hairstyle today since it is the most common hair Americans have.
The great option for curly/wavy hair is short sides and back with a slightly longer top that leaves the curly wave. Short curly hairstyles are easy to manage and are very in style. It is possible to have both a straight look and a curly look if know how to use gel on your curly hair style.
haircut_spiky_menPicture Gallery of Men's Hairstyles - Short Hairstyles for Men

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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Melissa Rodwell Photography

Been busy this week. Not in the mood for blogging today, but let’s enjoy some high class photos from Melissa Rodwell Photography.

“I wanted to do a sexy, romantic shoot in the high-end cars.  So I knew I needed a male model as well as a female model. I had recently worked with Rina from Photogenics in Los Angeles and we had a really nice chemistry on the last shoot so I booked her again for this shoot. I love her long, thin body. She wears clothes like a dream! I wanted an edgy, “European” looking boy so we booked Lawrence for this shoot. Since I decided on using Rina first, it was then easier to cast my boy.”

“I placed them all over the place. Back seat, front seat, him in the front, her in the back, outside of the car, her alone……all different scenarios. And I shot with my wide angle lens, the 24mm for most of the day. I had a beauty dish, a large octabank, some parabolics on the background and we even popped in my trusty speedlight to add some extra flare. Just like I discussed in this previous post, I don’t use speed lights for any key lighting but they do lend themselves nicely as background light or interesting flare. Tyler sometimes held the speed light just off the car’s back end, pointing it towards the camera so I could get the effect of  headlights blasting into the car. Since my backgrounds were going to be New York street scenes, and NY is a crowded, busy place, plenty of interesting outside light was necessary to give this shoot a realistic feel. I guess if there’s anything to learn from this shoot it is to think before you shoot. Think about the final image you want before you get to the studio or the set. That way you can direct your lighting and models to formulate the final look.”

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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sarah Jessica Parker—who men hate, and women like.

Sex and the City was the second TV episodes I watched after I came to the stats. Friends was the first of course. Carrie Bradshaw is not my favorite. Actually none of them are. But I do like her fashion style. One of my guy friends once asked me to see if I know why men hate Sex and the City. The reason is that they didn’t know girls talk about their sex experience as men do too. I am not American for sure, but without doubt girls do especially in this free country.
The million dollar question is “does size matters?” The answer is YES. But we need the whole package as well. You need to have skills!!! Practice make perfect. Everybody knows that.
Fashion is the same thing and SIZE does matter. I am size 00. I don’t have 34C, and I don’t have pear shape butt as well. But I do receive some comments saying I am sexy. Sarah is short, but her style is hot.

“When you're young, your whole life is about the pursuit of fun. Then, you grow up and learn to be cautious. You could break a bone or a heart. You look before you leap and sometimes you don't leap at all because there's not always someone there to catch you. And in life, there's no safety net. When did it stop being fun and start being scary?”

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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Spring Summer Inspiration from Head to Toe

 Here I break out the season’s hottest, most wearable trends, show you the inspiration, and tell you how to get the look from head to toe—from the far east to this side of paradise. This summer, I am focusing on color therapy~~~
Monochrome is having a moment. You can’t go wrong with head-to-toe coral on red.
 Spring and Summer 11 is all about the ’ 70s. What does the yellow pants remind you?
Boy meets girl in this neon-colored fairy tale. Pair an orange blazer with an azure mini and sunflower-shaded oxfords and you’re guaranteed to steal the show.
Downtown and uptown are no longer adversaries. In fact, an equally slouchy tank and handbag pair quite nicely with pointed flats and cropped trousers. All together, the ensemble is fit for a modern-day, metropolitan Day-Glo love story.
One of the easiest ways to pump up a simple summer outfit is a bold accessory. Zara’s fuchsia leather belt is a perfect example. Thin enough to not weigh down a sundress and enough color to brighten a cutoffs-and-tank combo, this belt is a great transitional piece for summer.

Hawaiian pinup girls  

Friday, May 13, 2011

LV Spring Summer 2011-- Chinese Fashion Year

 It's funny how we take our culture for granted. Let's be honest--when was the last time that you really thought about what your heritage means to you? When I say that, I don’t mean food. I mean clothes, I mean fashion of course.
It is easy to tell from people’s last name that they are Asian. It is easier to tell that I am Asian from my face. So why don’t we follow LV and check out how Chinese traditional clothes influence fashion.