Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Trendy Hem Summer 2011

In 2011 the trend is any manner of dresses, skirts or tops have a hem that's shorter in front, longer in back.
 Why? Because it's playful. One side coveys the elegance of length, while the other hints at something more revealing. It can also have the appeal of looking completely effortless; especially if cut to resemble an untucked shirt, or an oversized tee.
There are numerous ways of creating a unique hemline with a 'tail' effect.
·                 A simple hem cut at an angle.
·                 A more traditional petal hem (where the fabric overlaps in front like petals of a flower)
·                 A hem that's cut from very short to very long - i.e mini to maxi.
·                 A hem that falls into large drapes or pleats at the back.
Any of these work in 2011 - remember that it's all about adding a little point of difference.
white mini dress long hem

mid length hem
Asymmetrical hems: picture inspiration
Asymmetrical hems: picture inspiration
uneven hem line
Asymmetrical hems: picture inspiration

Pictures from online resources.

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