Monday, May 2, 2011

2011 Spring Biker Chic Looks

Trends begin, they evolve, and then they fade or simply become a standard. Skinny jeans became a standard. The answer may lie in a trend that has been around for some time, but a trend that hasn't been able to be much more than a blip on the radar while in the shadow of military fashion. The trend? Biker chic. Of course, just because the biker chic trend is about more than Brando jackets and black motorcycle jackets doesn't mean to say that the trend is completely devoid of both styles.

biker fashion
silver motorcycle jacket
burberry motorcycle jacket
burberry motorcycle jacket

men's elements
Spearheaded by a number of design houses, including Burberry, the main element of the men's version of trend are statement jackets - unlike women's where we've also seen a number of additional pieces. The color palette is much muted as well: it's all black, in order to match the jacket.

men's motorcycle jacket

burberry motorcycle jacket

And last but not least, motorcycle boots round out the key elements of the biker fashion trend - hardly a surprise given no trend is complete without a tie-in shoe trend. Biker boots, having been in fashion for some time now, won't be hard to come by. You could consider that a plus, but don't rest on your laurels.
biker boots

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