Sunday, May 1, 2011

2011 Summer Short Hairstyle Trend I

Yesterday, my girl friend called me and asked me my opinion on whether she should cut her hair short or not. The answer from me is YES. Please cut your hair short. I had been having long hair for a good 20+ years. Or I should say I never had short hairstyle before, well except the first 2 years after I was born. I got a hair cut about 8 months ago. Cut it from long to very short. It’s a lot easier to take care and save some shampoo too J I think my friend is a little tired of her long hair. Then why not cut it short, try something different. Hair style could change someone’s whole presentation. If you don’t like the short style, it will grow back~~~

Summer is almost here. Having long hair is sexy but I did find it annoying during summer time. Here are some mid to short hairstyles trend in 2011 summer.


Pictures from online resources.

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