Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Melissa Rodwell Photography

Been busy this week. Not in the mood for blogging today, but let’s enjoy some high class photos from Melissa Rodwell Photography.

“I wanted to do a sexy, romantic shoot in the high-end cars.  So I knew I needed a male model as well as a female model. I had recently worked with Rina from Photogenics in Los Angeles and we had a really nice chemistry on the last shoot so I booked her again for this shoot. I love her long, thin body. She wears clothes like a dream! I wanted an edgy, “European” looking boy so we booked Lawrence for this shoot. Since I decided on using Rina first, it was then easier to cast my boy.”

“I placed them all over the place. Back seat, front seat, him in the front, her in the back, outside of the car, her alone……all different scenarios. And I shot with my wide angle lens, the 24mm for most of the day. I had a beauty dish, a large octabank, some parabolics on the background and we even popped in my trusty speedlight to add some extra flare. Just like I discussed in this previous post, I don’t use speed lights for any key lighting but they do lend themselves nicely as background light or interesting flare. Tyler sometimes held the speed light just off the car’s back end, pointing it towards the camera so I could get the effect of  headlights blasting into the car. Since my backgrounds were going to be New York street scenes, and NY is a crowded, busy place, plenty of interesting outside light was necessary to give this shoot a realistic feel. I guess if there’s anything to learn from this shoot it is to think before you shoot. Think about the final image you want before you get to the studio or the set. That way you can direct your lighting and models to formulate the final look.”

Pictures from online resources.

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