Friday, April 29, 2011

Kate Middleton's Wedding Dress

I guess I NEED to talk about wedding gowns today.

Got in my office a little early today, poured myself some coffee, and started working. Meredith came in and asked me if I woke up early this morning to watch the wedding. I was a total blank so I asked, what wedding? The prince’s wedding! Ohhh, that wedding. I'd heard they were getting married a while ago, but honestly I could care less since I don’t know them personally.
Speaking of "The Wedding", I have to say, I am not a big fan of Kate Middleton’s wedding dress. Don’t get me wrong. The dress looks very good on her. Since she is becoming a member of The Royal Family, her dress should be classy and elegant. Her dress was designed by Sarah Burton at Alexander McQueen, but it seems to be a bit more conservative than one would expect.

Kate Middleton helped design her wedding dress that was inspired by Grace Kelly's dress.  The use of a lot of lace and similar silhouette make the two dresses look somewhat similar.

Kate Middleton's Wedding Dress Is By… Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen

Here are some Sarah's wedding gowns.

Kate Middleton Alexander McQueen Wedding Dress Rumors

Bruce Oldfield – The Hot Favorite
I personally like Bruce's design better than Sarah's.  His designs are elegant, timeless and seductive.

Will Kate Middleton marry Prince William in a Bruce Oldfield wedding dress? Royal Wedding Gown, bookmaker's choice

Since we are talking about wedding dresses, we have to mention Vera Wang, one of my favorite wedding gown designers. Since Kate likes laces, let's check out some laces wedding dress from Vera.

I personally like simple style.

V-Neck Floor Length Crepe-Backed Satin/ English Net Wedding Dress Style Cassandra
ball gown wedding dress vera wang

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Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Moster Bug

So, I was sitting on my bed and working on my report half hour ago. Too much work and I don’t have a comfortable chair to sit and work on my desk yet. I noticed something dark moving on my hardwood floor from my corner of my eye while I was concentrating on my report. I kinda know on the back of my mind what that is but I was so scared to look. But I did I look. And there is the bug the monster bug showed up in my apartment two days ago. Still alive and walking around in my apartment. I dont have much to eat in my apartment, I dont understand how can he/she survive. And... and, what the hell with the pest control thing? I knew they spray my who apt. How come it is still alive? I was and I am still freaking out. Anybody would come over and kill it for me??????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!! My apartment complex is not a dump at all. It is really nice and I do pay a good amount for my little studio. Please help me understand the monster bug thing.

I am sure I cannot sleep well tonight.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Fashion for Men II

Here are some different fashion styles for men, jeans, formal, sporty and casual.

fashion clothing for men

mens summer fashion ideas

Colors for Men

As promised, here comes the colorful men fashion.

Note that the few men’s fashion has been adapting and accepting the changes, the main trend of summer 2011 for men is a blend of tailoring with parts and accessories more casual sports.

For the perfect look: colored pants, shirt smooth, neutral and above, a cardigan sweater or a leather / nylon black. On foot, shoe social or black or brown shoes, like Converse, black.

Although the wave of colored pants, white pants are also in fashion. These, however, need a little more careful. A big mistake of people is to believe that the contrast between black and white is a good thing. It is, in fact. But not when you’re with a white pants and a black shirt. Seriously, it's not no fun. When is the opposite, ok. The white pants gets much attention, so you need to get a smart. If pants are clear, you can wear it with a colored shirt normally. Try not to opt for black please.

Milan men's fashion styles for Autumn Winter 2010

Fashion for Men I

Every guy should have a nice casual blazer. I saw a Burberry in Marshalls about one month ago. It looks so nice, even though it was $499. My point is that you dont have to go to Phipps Plaza or Lenox Mall to get nice clothes. You dont have to be a Kenneth Cole or Banana Republic shopper. If you want to be in style, go to Marshalls or Tjmaxx, not only the above mentioned brands, you can also sometimes find Prada .

Most men wear "boring" color clothes, like black, gray, dark blue, or white all the time. But sometimes it is very interesting to see guys wear some bright color clothes as well. I mean good interesting. I will post more male fashion pics tomorrow.

Color actually has nothing to do with fashion. It's all about personalities. This is the conclusion I got after analyzing myself. Like I said before, I use to only like three colors, black, white and gray. I realize that first of all, these colors are kinda trendy in these years. Second of all, I was holding something back in my personalities. I was under certain pressure that I shouldn’t be too bold. I didn’t want to outshine someone. But was that Serena the real ME? I am still looking for the real me that got lost somewhere in the big world. I wish some colorful clothes could be more noticeable and easier for the lost Serena to find me.

Back to the topic. Here are some traditional color male fashion pictures that I like. Layer is another tip for male fashion. A scarf or a hat can do magic.

Jon Kortajarena: Peek & Cloppenburg S/S '11 Ad Campaign THOMAS SCHMIDT for MENS HEALTH
Jon Kortajarena: Peek & Cloppenburg S/S '11 Ad Campaign
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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Burberry Bright Spring/Summer 2011

Burberry designs these colorful sunglasses. They are so bold.

Tips on wearing bright color sunglasses--- dont wear similar color top. If you want to do some color matching, match your pants, or shoes or purse. Second, wear plain color tops. Because you want something eye catching on you. But you only want one or two catchy things on your whole body, one on the upper body and the other on the lower body. Or one on your face, the other on your arm (your purse) or lower body.

Burberry Brights S/S '11 Ad Campaign
Burberry Brights S/S '11 Ad Campaign

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Burberry Spring/Summer 2011

Put very bright colors together. Amazing effect...

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Monday, April 25, 2011

My Awsome Day~~~

My day started at 12:30 this morning.  I was ready to go to sleep. I have a habit that I have to drink some water before I go to bed. I walked to the kitchen. Suddenly, I saw something on the floor… moving… omg, it’s a bug. It’s the kind of bug that is about 2 inches long with a lot of legs. I freaked out and ran away from my kitchen. I literally ran to my bed. PS, I am basically afraid of anything that has more than 4 legs.

Maybe I was to “excited” to see that thing in my kitchen; I won’t be able to sleep till 2am in the morning. My alarm went on around 7:20 am. But I didn’t wake up till 8. I was so late. Ran into shower but no time for blowing dry my hair. Luckily, the traffic was not so bad this morning. I was only 10 minutes late.

I called my apartment’s staff for pest control. But they told me they only do pest control on Tuesday, which is tomorrow. What am I gonna do with that thing possibly still in my apartment? I am not going into my kitchen for sure tonight. I guess I need to buy some dinner.

I have a leather couch. I was thinking of buying some leather cleaner/conditioner to make my sofa shinny again. I called around so many stores, finally found out that Lowe’s has that product. I stuck in traffic for a good 40 minutes then I was in Lowe’s parking lot. Yeah, I found the leather conditioner in the store. When I reached the checkout counter, you know what happened, I didn’t have my wallet with me. AGAIN. I’ve been driving the whole day without ID AGAIN. And now, I only have 27 cent on me. I was very disappointed. Since I already spent 40 minutes in the traffic, I didn’t want to waste my time. So I was thinking of calling my friends to see if anybody is around this area. I got so lucky…..My phone was out of battery and my car charger is in my apartment where the bug maybe still wandering around.

I was so close to take the leather conditioner and run away from Lowe’s… so close L Since I didn’t want to spend my night in jail, I decided to drive home. I got on the highway, but got off at the wrong exit. I got off the highway at the wrong exit on the way to my HOME. Can you believe it!!!!

I finally got home….without food……

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Black and White La Mania

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Finally, here are some clothes most people can wear to work~~~~~~~~~~
I am so glad that my office doesn’t have a dress code. We can wear ANYTHING to work. I even wore sweatpants to work one day. But two of my coworkers, also my friends, told me that I shouldn’t. But……. I will wear it again :P It’s so comfortable.

People have their ways of picking what to wear for work. I start with my pants or shoes, then tops. I know my order is weird. But shoes are very, very, very important. I don’t want wear high heels if I know I am going to walk a lot on certain day.

Back to the topic, here are some examples for business formal.

La Mania S/S '11

2011 Color La Mania

La Mania S/S '11
Orange is one of my favorite colors. I recently got an orange skirt, I love it so much. My favorite color used to be Black, White, and Gray. It's kinda boring but very classy. Starting from this year, I am learning how to put colorful clothes on myself….I am in the process of learning everything.

La Mania S/S '11

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White La Mania Summer 2011

La Mania S/S '11
La Mania S/S '11