Monday, April 25, 2011

My Awsome Day~~~

My day started at 12:30 this morning.  I was ready to go to sleep. I have a habit that I have to drink some water before I go to bed. I walked to the kitchen. Suddenly, I saw something on the floor… moving… omg, it’s a bug. It’s the kind of bug that is about 2 inches long with a lot of legs. I freaked out and ran away from my kitchen. I literally ran to my bed. PS, I am basically afraid of anything that has more than 4 legs.

Maybe I was to “excited” to see that thing in my kitchen; I won’t be able to sleep till 2am in the morning. My alarm went on around 7:20 am. But I didn’t wake up till 8. I was so late. Ran into shower but no time for blowing dry my hair. Luckily, the traffic was not so bad this morning. I was only 10 minutes late.

I called my apartment’s staff for pest control. But they told me they only do pest control on Tuesday, which is tomorrow. What am I gonna do with that thing possibly still in my apartment? I am not going into my kitchen for sure tonight. I guess I need to buy some dinner.

I have a leather couch. I was thinking of buying some leather cleaner/conditioner to make my sofa shinny again. I called around so many stores, finally found out that Lowe’s has that product. I stuck in traffic for a good 40 minutes then I was in Lowe’s parking lot. Yeah, I found the leather conditioner in the store. When I reached the checkout counter, you know what happened, I didn’t have my wallet with me. AGAIN. I’ve been driving the whole day without ID AGAIN. And now, I only have 27 cent on me. I was very disappointed. Since I already spent 40 minutes in the traffic, I didn’t want to waste my time. So I was thinking of calling my friends to see if anybody is around this area. I got so lucky…..My phone was out of battery and my car charger is in my apartment where the bug maybe still wandering around.

I was so close to take the leather conditioner and run away from Lowe’s… so close L Since I didn’t want to spend my night in jail, I decided to drive home. I got on the highway, but got off at the wrong exit. I got off the highway at the wrong exit on the way to my HOME. Can you believe it!!!!

I finally got home….without food……

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