Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Moster Bug

So, I was sitting on my bed and working on my report half hour ago. Too much work and I don’t have a comfortable chair to sit and work on my desk yet. I noticed something dark moving on my hardwood floor from my corner of my eye while I was concentrating on my report. I kinda know on the back of my mind what that is but I was so scared to look. But I did I look. And there is the bug the monster bug showed up in my apartment two days ago. Still alive and walking around in my apartment. I dont have much to eat in my apartment, I dont understand how can he/she survive. And... and, what the hell with the pest control thing? I knew they spray my who apt. How come it is still alive? I was and I am still freaking out. Anybody would come over and kill it for me??????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!! My apartment complex is not a dump at all. It is really nice and I do pay a good amount for my little studio. Please help me understand the monster bug thing.

I am sure I cannot sleep well tonight.

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