Sunday, April 24, 2011

Harem Pants

So, a friend of mine told me that instead of posting a lot of pictures on my blog, I should be writing more. So here I am.
Love them or hate them, there is no denying that Harem pants have been a trend since 2009. They have been popular in the Northern Hemisphere and we have already seen them popping up in the high street stores here through the autumn and winter.

If you aren't familiar with Harem pants, they are baggy, loose on the crotch, with big expandable pockets that have a finish around your ankle knee or mid-calf. I began to notice them last summer, but I figured they were a MICRO trend that wouldn't catch on and they would fade away into the land of lost trends.

Well that didn't happen, because they are still here, not only have we seen them on the runway at Alexander McQueen and Stella McCartney, but now we are seeing them on the STYLE elite

I bet many of you have not bothered to even considering trying them on, right?  Look I know this is a TREND, and I've always said that you should not buy into them and only take what you want from what's out there - which I still stand by. But I think this one might just stick around for a while.

I have seen both gorgeous and scary versions of this trend and until I actually tried a pair on myself, I would never have thought I would be sitting here writing a post on Harem pants.  Oh, did I mention the sheer COMFORT of these beauties?  It is nothing short of divine!

It's a question of personal style and above all - getting the right cut for your body. I have a few tips for those of you who are willing to throw CAUTION to the wind and give the Harem pant a go.
I do think that these pants look their best in basic black, but as we are talking spring here, they are going to be available in all manner of seasonal colours.

It's best to choose a slightly cropped pair as they will be more flattering and team with a tight fitting top or crop-top if you're feeling BRAVE. This exaggerates the volume and balances the shape slightly.

I have read that some FASHIONISTAS out there are waging quite a battle against harem pants, claiming that they have no style about them at all because of the way the crotch brushes the models knees and at worse, they can make you look like you've an accident in your pants.  I do agree that there are indeed some styles out there that can make this claim perfectly true.  And so my next tid-bit of advice is to seek out the right style of harem pants.

Do wear a wide belt to cinch in your waste and show off your curves.
Do go for a fitted cuff and a killer stiletto heel (if you dare).
Do pair them with a form-fitting top to balance the figure.
Do wear a cropped jacket over a fitted Tee. 
Do let the pants speak for themselves.  Steer clear of loud prints and use your accessories to give your outfit the colour it needs.

Perhaps you do have to be brave to embrace this trend, but consider the fact that as SPRING is coming, you will be looking for trans seasonal clothing to get you through those days when the weather is COOLER and you don't want leave your legs bare.  These pants may be just what your looking for.

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