Thursday, April 21, 2011

What's your ideal apartment?

Life is different between countries and cities. I grew up at a city where people live in high-rise condos. After moving to where I am now, people live in single family houses. You really couldn’t say which one is better than the other. It's just different life styles. Me, I personally like condos. Maybe because I am too lazy to mow the lawn, maybe I am not rich enough to buy a single house in the city, or maybe I don’t mind people who live on top of me jumping around in their rooms. Anyways, this is what I like my condo to be...

Virtually identical in terms of furnishings and materials, an additional guest room occupies a free-standing former laundry behind the main house. Photo by Zooey Braun.
Bolted to the ceiling of an attic guest room, a segment of a vintage cherry-picking ladder offers a visual pun on the Seventh Heaven theme. Photo by Zooey Braun.
All four attic rooms have at least one new skylight. Photo by Zooey Braun.
Nylon carpet distinguishes the stair hall. Photo by Zooey Braun.
A table and stool by Marcel Wanders occupy a corner of a room. Photo by Zooey Braun.
In a guest room designed for families, the single top bunk is installed perpendicular to the double bed below. Photo by Zooey Braun.

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