Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Colors for Men

As promised, here comes the colorful men fashion.

Note that the few men’s fashion has been adapting and accepting the changes, the main trend of summer 2011 for men is a blend of tailoring with parts and accessories more casual sports.

For the perfect look: colored pants, shirt smooth, neutral and above, a cardigan sweater or a leather / nylon black. On foot, shoe social or black or brown shoes, like Converse, black.

Although the wave of colored pants, white pants are also in fashion. These, however, need a little more careful. A big mistake of people is to believe that the contrast between black and white is a good thing. It is, in fact. But not when you’re with a white pants and a black shirt. Seriously, it's not no fun. When is the opposite, ok. The white pants gets much attention, so you need to get a smart. If pants are clear, you can wear it with a colored shirt normally. Try not to opt for black please.

Milan men's fashion styles for Autumn Winter 2010

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