Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Fashion for Men I

Every guy should have a nice casual blazer. I saw a Burberry in Marshalls about one month ago. It looks so nice, even though it was $499. My point is that you dont have to go to Phipps Plaza or Lenox Mall to get nice clothes. You dont have to be a Kenneth Cole or Banana Republic shopper. If you want to be in style, go to Marshalls or Tjmaxx, not only the above mentioned brands, you can also sometimes find Prada .

Most men wear "boring" color clothes, like black, gray, dark blue, or white all the time. But sometimes it is very interesting to see guys wear some bright color clothes as well. I mean good interesting. I will post more male fashion pics tomorrow.

Color actually has nothing to do with fashion. It's all about personalities. This is the conclusion I got after analyzing myself. Like I said before, I use to only like three colors, black, white and gray. I realize that first of all, these colors are kinda trendy in these years. Second of all, I was holding something back in my personalities. I was under certain pressure that I shouldn’t be too bold. I didn’t want to outshine someone. But was that Serena the real ME? I am still looking for the real me that got lost somewhere in the big world. I wish some colorful clothes could be more noticeable and easier for the lost Serena to find me.

Back to the topic. Here are some traditional color male fashion pictures that I like. Layer is another tip for male fashion. A scarf or a hat can do magic.

Jon Kortajarena: Peek & Cloppenburg S/S '11 Ad Campaign THOMAS SCHMIDT for MENS HEALTH
Jon Kortajarena: Peek & Cloppenburg S/S '11 Ad Campaign
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