Saturday, May 14, 2011

Spring Summer Inspiration from Head to Toe

 Here I break out the season’s hottest, most wearable trends, show you the inspiration, and tell you how to get the look from head to toe—from the far east to this side of paradise. This summer, I am focusing on color therapy~~~
Monochrome is having a moment. You can’t go wrong with head-to-toe coral on red.
 Spring and Summer 11 is all about the ’ 70s. What does the yellow pants remind you?
Boy meets girl in this neon-colored fairy tale. Pair an orange blazer with an azure mini and sunflower-shaded oxfords and you’re guaranteed to steal the show.
Downtown and uptown are no longer adversaries. In fact, an equally slouchy tank and handbag pair quite nicely with pointed flats and cropped trousers. All together, the ensemble is fit for a modern-day, metropolitan Day-Glo love story.
One of the easiest ways to pump up a simple summer outfit is a bold accessory. Zara’s fuchsia leather belt is a perfect example. Thin enough to not weigh down a sundress and enough color to brighten a cutoffs-and-tank combo, this belt is a great transitional piece for summer.

Hawaiian pinup girls  

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