Friday, May 27, 2011

Being Single on the Road

There are times when you may find yourself alone with a lot of time on your hand. Therefore, some unwanted thoughts will begin to surface. I have been seriously sick for two days now. My throat has been hurting to the point that I have a hard time swallowing food. My head has been aching to the point that I cannot drive or even walk normally. Got 105 f body temperature…. And nothing to eat at home besides ice cream.

Although I have always been known as a self-reliant individual among my friends, I wish there is someone to take care of me now. An example as to why they may see me that way is how I turn down my friend Amy’s offers to drive me to the doctor’s; instead, I chose to take a cab to the doctor's, the pharmacy and the grocery store. It’s not because I didn’t appreciate my friend’s generosity, but because I prefer not to inconvenient my friends. Ultimately, I would rather create and share moments of happiness with the people around me.

Besides sharing the times of joy with friends, do we really need someone to share our live? My answer is yes. It’s part of human nature to yearn for companionship. We seek to give love and to receive love. When you have been in a relationship for a while, there is a level of comfort that you find you cannot do without when the relationship falls apart. A sense of loneliness and emptiness may consume your hear.

It's perfectly normal of being single and feeling helpless sometime. If we can learn from our mistakes, and move on, our next stop will be more beautiful then expected. But between the two stops, we have to be on the road alone for a while. We need to know who we really are before we know what we really want. When we were alone on the road, we need to learn how to take care of ourselves. We need to love ourselves before being loved by the right person.

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