Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Shorts Shorts Shorts 2012--How to Wear them?

Summer is all about color and luxurious floral prints this year.If you like color block, but feel like bright hotpants is just a little too much for you, go get a pair of bright color shorts. 

Who said that showing off your legs has to be girly? There are many ways you can wear a pair of short and keep your street smart tomboy look. Go for shorts in dark and neutral colours with a "unisex cut". Wear it with a cool jacket and funky accessories, like a big leather bag or a thick belt around your waist. One of the most timeless style, the military look is incorporated and in shorts, or in loose, comfortable designs either narrowly. 

Super-duper sexy!!! In short … burn! Whether for breakfast, look, like that proposed by the editorial in the Spanish Vogue, or afternoon-evening, as suggested by the designers, the only sure thing is that these lengths the temperature will rise dangerously.

Pictures from online resources.

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