Friday, September 9, 2011

Red Jeans Trend 2011

Recently got a pair of red jeans. Color is a big thing this year. I am sure it will be next year as well. Actually, I've been thinking of getting a pair of red jeans for a long time. Now I got it. I am going to rock it! So can you. 
But if you're still a little shy about sporting the bold-colored jeans, here are five great ways to wear red jeans.
1) Don't pair red with red. Instead, wear white, gray, black and navy. Pale yellow works too.
 2) Team the red jeans with a polka dot, butterfly print or nautical-inspired striped Tee. A busy print is a nice balance to the solid red. A rocker Tee also works great.
 3) If you're really brave, create a runway-inspired color block ensemble by teaming the red jeans with equally bold colors. A bright orange top or blue blazer, for instance, and equally bright belt, looks very trendy right now.
 4) Red jeans look fabulous with neutral-colored heels and espadrilles, flats or boat shoes for a more casual look.
 5) Avoid carrying a red handbag when you're wearing red jeans. It will just be way too much. Instead stick with tan, white or if you must, a black bag. If you're really brave, try some equally bold colors as well, like green, blue and so forth. 

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